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April 12, 2008



Swedelife speaks, and the mayor listens:


THANK you, Gavin!


Oh, and GO GIANTS!


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The Lemur

Hi! It's The Lemur over @ The Lemur Blog http://thelemurblog.blogspot.com/
Sunday July 27 is my birthday and I'm reaching out with this mass-created message to all 100-something blogs in my blogroll asking them to send me a nice birthday track! I would like a track to thelemurblog@hotmail.com by Sunday, when I will be posting all tracks in a nice mix - of course linking to the blogs by their respective tracks! Thanks in advance!

Yours sincerely, The Lemur


very nice


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Sweet song..I download it...listened to it...and loved it...this is the 1st song I heard from Songs For Snakes..will have to digg up more..cause if the others are anything like this one I am sure to love them...

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